Harry Potter- The Cursed Child review

Last month I saw Harry Potter's The Cursed Child and it was amazing. For my silver arts award I wanted to share the experience and recommend it to everyone.

Harry Potter- The Cursed Child review

Part C: Review Arts Events 

Last month I went to see ‘The Cursed Child’ by J.K Rowling in the palace theatre and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It was incredible when they did the magic on stage because it looked so real. The characters transitioned from being in their normal clothes into the Hogwarts’s uniform in a turn and they zoomed through phone booths and transformed into other people, on stage, in front of the audience! It was unbelievable. I was trying to work out how they did it all in my seat, stunned by it all. 

The actors were so amazing, and they made you feel like you were in Hogwarts. Scorpios Malfoy’s monologues and speech throughout the whole performance was amazing and he was my favourite character, this was because his character was so believable and throughout the whole play he did not break his character and made you think he really was an awkward, geeky teenager who had never found his place in society. I loved how this also progressed throughout the show as like a side story line of the two boys reaching ‘man hood’ developing their confidence throughout the show and realising how powerful they were, this was also the case for Albus potter and it was very interesting to watch the children gain independence from there parents and on the way gaining confidence in each other (even though it wasn’t as successful as they wished),

Also, I loved all the characters, how they stayed in the character throughout the play, for example Ron Weasley was always making a joke and I realised he did certain movements and gestors towards the characters and audience to make It seem like he was a joker and silly. It was also very interesting in the normal Hogwarts all the characters were one way usually hating and scared Albus and Scorpios, whereas when they went forward in time to the Hogwarts run by Voldemort it was a juxtaposition to normal Hogwarts. Scorpios was a hero and you could tell this; all the student loved him and did anything for him. I loved the change of characters in this and how different they were towards a person and your thoughts on a character changed throughout the play because of this and it often caused the audience to feel emotional. 

There was a point in Hogwarts when it was run by Voldemort when the change of character was very well done. This was with the popular girl. When they were in the normal time, she would pass Scorpius and ignore him or be mean to him, whereas in the second half in the augmented future she is completely opposite and is in awe of Scorpius and was even awkward around him. I loved this comparison of the character in two times one very confident and mean and the other awkward and kind.

In my opinion I think the first half was better than the second half I think this is due to the excitement of the audience discovering these new interesting characters as well as all the sets, tricks and story. By the second half I felt like I had seen a lot of it in the second half as if they had done the same thing, while changing the plot but this was only a minor problem as they used new tricks in the second half and new sets but by that point you feel a little more comfortable with all of it. Having said that I found the sets used in Hogwarts when Voldemort took over amazing and the tricks when they used the potion to transform into someone else. 

My favourite scene was when they try to get through the magical bookcase through riddles, I loved this scene so much as it did the thing, I think this play is known for and that is the magic in the set. In this scene the bookcase ingulfed whoever did not answer the riddle correctly. I loved it how the bookcase swallowed the actors through it, and when they came back, they flew through the bookcase I found it amazing how believable it was that the bookcase was magical. This is due to the actors who moved accordingly to the spell and made it seem as if they were in much shock and scared. I loved the use of this set.

I also found all the transactions amazing, time traveling through water, in the Hogwarts lake, through bookcases, telephone boxes and even walls It was as if there was always something happening on the stage. It was so busy it made the audience so immersed into the show and never taking their eyes off the set or they’d miss something and no matter how small a transaction or movement was it was always done with excellence and skill. I loved it at the train station with all  the students so busy everyone doing stuff and walking around, the children preparing for the train to Hogwarts, spinning and jumping all jointly magically changing from normal clothes to magic uniform and robes, this gave the mood of a train station of busy and crowded.

This play was so amazing keeping the audience so engaged on the stage. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone, even if you aren’t a massive harry potter fan you would enjoy it so much due to the amazing sets, characters, transactions, story lines and twists which hits you like a truck. It was so amazing, and I recommend it to everyone,1e3ac8824862bc3a1509388ec194141d4337dc0e.jpg


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