Huguette Caland at Tate, St Ives.

Huguette Caland is a Lebanese artist whose work is currently being exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Tate gallery in St Ives. I visited the exhibition on 26 May 2019.

Huguette Caland at Tate, St Ives.

THe exhibition comprised solely of artworks by Huguette Caland, using a lot of art forms, including oils and ink..

 I have been to lots of art exhibitions before and I have seen similar artworks to Caland’s before.

The exhibition was in a large area, so there was a lot to look at and the art could be spread out. I also thought that it was good how some information about Huguette Caland’s life was put out around the exhibition and this helped me to understand a bit more about her art too.

 I don’t think that there was anything bad about the exhibition and I would definitely recommend it, because Huguette Caland is not someone that I have ever heard of before and going to an exhibition like this was good because I could find out about her and her art.

It there was one thing that I learned from visiting the exhibition, it was that the human form can be used in art, in ways that I hadn’t imagined.



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