Anna Boghiguian - A UK retrospective at the Tate St Ives

Between February and May this year, the Tate St Ives held a retrospective exhibition of works by the Armenian Egyptian Artist Anna Boghiguian. I visited the exhibition on Sunday, 03 March and this is my review of the exhibition. I was inspired by some of the art to create my own work in Copper and Aluminium, a new media form for me.

Anna Boghiguian - A UK retrospective at the Tate St Ives

The exhibition involved many of Anna Boghiguian’ s artworks in a mixture of paintings, drawings and metal sculptures. There were several rooms that each contained different things. The one room contained just metal work, and another was what her art studio looks like. There were also sculptures of birds suspended from the roof, to make it look like the birds are flying.

I haven’t ever seen metal sculptures like the ones that she created although I have seen similar paintings and drawings to hers. I really liked how the exhibition had been put together. There were several rooms that all joined together, and each room looked completely different. I liked the one room where it had been made to look like an island/beach. Sand had been put all on the floor, and there were broken parts of boats that had Anna Boghiguian’ s artworks on. I also like the entrance where it had her metal sculptures around the room. The room was quite dark and the sculptures were eye-catching in the light. Some of the metal sculptures of people climbing were put on the walls and I really liked how this looked. I thought that the exhibition was very well put together and wasn’t too overwhelming. There were a good number of artworks but not too many.

I enjoyed every aspect of the exhibition. There was nothing that I didn’t like about it and I definitely would recommend it. It gives the opportunity to explore a different form of art. I would also recommend it because it is very different to any other exhibitions that I have seen and I think that lots of people would enjoy it.

The exhibition encouraged me to create my own artwork inspired by Anna Boghiguian’ s metal sculptures, inspiring me to learn another art skill, working with metal and I really enjoyed doing it. I created two metal tins, one containing fish, and the other people. These were made in copper and aluminium and I learnt to use different methods to make the tins, including soldering, riveting, gluing, cutting with metal snips and using a Dremel multitool to shape the metal.  I also used a metal stamping set to stamp a poem into the copper.






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