Sketchbook Workshop at the National Art Gallery

I attended the Sketchbook Workshop at the National Art Gallery. This workshop is unique because here the artist takes you around four famous artwork and talks about not only the painting but also the background story behind the work & probably the state of mind of the artist. Normally, you would focus on the full painting but in this workshop, we only focused on specific objects and reasons why the artist painted it.

Sketchbook Workshop at the National Art Gallery

Which artists where focused on and what do they create?

Carlo Crivelli- The Annunciation, with Saint Emidus

Hans Holbein the Younger- Jean de Dintevile and Georges de Selve (The Ambassadors)

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio- The supper at Emmaus

Jan Jansz Treck- Vaintas Still Life

Pieter Claesz- Still Life with Drinking Vessels

Jan van Huysum- Flowers in a Terracotta Vase

All these artists paint mostly pictures related to monarchy or religious paintings.

What did you see?

Various paintings displayed on the wall in the art gallery.

What were your first impression?

At first, I was quite nervous because it was quite intimidating as most of the people who were participating were adults and they were very experienced, but this also pushed me and inspired me to do my best. Overall, I found the workshop quite organised & very focused.

Did you find anything interesting personally?

I found these flowers quite interesting because of the detailed designs. The artist here painted various flowers normally seen during different seasons. This showed that the artist might have taken sometime to finish the painting as the flowers were very detailed.

What did you learn which you will help you to achieve your challenge?

I was inspired with all the paintings I saw, and I’m inspired to combine all my ideas together.

Did you enjoy the experience overall and why?

To summarise I learnt a lot of interesting facts and gathered a lot of new information and the experience was fun & I enjoyed by days at the National Arts Gallery. 

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