Visit to the Twyford Studios at Henley Art Trial 2019

On Monday 6th May 2019 I went to Charvil Village Hall, One of the venues of the Henley Art Trial which was organised by Twyford Studios. Even though the venue was small, it exhibited some amazing artwork by very talented local artists.

Visit to the Twyford Studios at Henley Art Trial 2019

The exhibition consists of a variety of art forms such as paintings, textile art, ceramics and jewellery. As it wasn’t busy at the time I visited I had the opportunity to talk to the artists about their pieces and the stories behind them.


Some of the work was very unique, such as artist Roseanna Chetwood’s pet portraits. She used acrylic paint with a palette knife instead of a brush to spread her paint over a large space faster and then scraped away some of it to the details. I really liked the colours and the texture of her portraits.

One of my favourite artists was Calina Lefter. I liked her work because she used a lot of bright colours that went very well together. When I spoke to her she said she uses many mediums, such as oil paint, acrylic. In some f her pieces she used wood stain which gave a unique effect on the painting.


Another interesting artist I met was Jayne Leighton Herd, an abstract artist. She uses vibrant colours and texture on her artworks. I also noticed her work had amazing names. When I spoke to her she said she uses music to inspire her work and uses phrases from the music she listens to name her work.


My favourite piece of art is abstract artist Mahlia Amatina’s “Look ! They Also Dry Their Clothes”. It is abstract art of a washing line in Nepal, Himalaya at the background. The colours of the washing on the washing line are vibrant, which shows happiness. Mahlia said this was painted after a disastrous earthquake in Nepal. This shows even after such a disaster people carry on with their lives. Inspired by this piece she started a project of collecting 80 pictures of washing lines from 80 different countries. I was fascinated by her panting and the inspiration behind them.

My visit to the exhibition made me realise that art is not just sketching or painting and it comes in many different forms. Also sometimes it can take a lot of time to create amazing artwork and it takes a lot of experimenting. It is alright that some people do not like your artwork, this just means they are into different style to yours.

I would recommend this art exhibition to anyone who loves art, young or old because there are a very different variety of art styles, from paintings and sketches to ceramics, jewellery and glass work.


Anuji Wanniarachchi

Anuji Wanniarachchi

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