Review of the Corita Kent Power Up exhibition at The House of Illustration

My review of the Power Up exhibition by Corita Kent at the House of Illustration

Review of the Corita Kent Power Up exhibition at The House of Illustration

What was the title of the exhibition/show?

Corita Kent : Power Up

Why did you choose to attend this exhibition/show?

I chose to attend this exhibition because it looked colourful and different,  the bright colours of the artwork inspired me to add interesting colour combinations to my own artwork.

Who were the artists and what do they create?

The artist was Corita Kent.  She created many works of pop art that often included screen printed typography. 

What did you see?

I saw pieces of art that perfectly combined pop art with screen printing and typography.

What were your first impressions?

My first impressions were that the artwork was incredible as it perfectly combined bright typography with a somewhat simplistic feel.

Did you find anything particularly interesting to you personally?

I found it particularly interesting how all of the artwork I saw had a deeper meaning and expressed different emotions towards different aspects of society.

What did you learn which will help you to achieve your challenge?

I learned to not let the ideas society has of what is normal and therefore acceptable creatively subdue what I make.

Did you enjoy the experience overall? Why?

I enjoyed the experience as I learned lots and loved how the artwork directly challenged society’s confines.

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  • Molly Drinkwater

    On 15 April 2019, 13:04 Molly Drinkwater commented:

    great review.

  • Carol Leach

    On 22 April 2019, 08:36 Carol Leach commented:

    this is a very interesting review, thank you for writing it. I love the way your realised that Corita Kent's expressed a view of societal norms which you too reject. Well done.

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