The Roman Baths review

Spending summer in the scorching sun and standing over a pool of emerald water, tempted to dive in and cool down, is not ideal. 

The Roman Baths review

Summer 2018

I spent a very small portion of my summer in the streets of Bath. Although it's the largest city of Somerset, it was still quite busy and cramped. The line outside of the museum The Roman baths was astonishingly long causing us to book the tickets online. 

Throughout the experience we were guided by an audio tour. We saw many historical architecture and there were even actors set up to widen our imagination of the roman times. My favourite stop in the museum has to be the Temple Pediment and Gorgon's head because the slides that were plastered above it made it really memorable.

However, there was something I disliked about the experience. On the displays there were naked men and women. I understand that it's supposed to be historical and complete the aesthetics but many people were blocking the passageways and just gawking at the displays.

Overall,  I recommend this experience if you are interested in historical staples and you can also shop around bath as there are many stores. But if you don't enjoy learning about historical events and get bored easily, you can still go shopping.

Header Image Credit: the Roman Baths


Jenika pun

Jenika pun

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  • sasha murray

    On 9 April 2019, 19:46 sasha murray commented:

    Wow, this seems really cool! It's definitely on my todo list now!

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