film workshop review

I attended a film workshop with my arts award group.

film workshop review

I am attending a series of workshops for my arts award and this one I attended was a film workshop. The film workshop was super fun and interesting. In this workshop, we were asked questions for example 'how many genres can you name', after we had gone through the powerpoint explaining what film is about we went on to film a series of interviews and how to use a DSLR camera to film with. Before filming we had to sign a 'consent form' as that's what a real production has to do. When filming we had to talk about our art form and why we like it, we also had to bring in something that relates to our art form and then show off our piece of art and talk about that piece of art. In the end, we all got a cup full of popcorn which was a massive bonus!

In conclusion, I found the workshop really fun and interesting. 


  • Molly Drinkwater

    On 15 April 2019, 14:54 Molly Drinkwater commented:

    good review. would you recommend this to other people?

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