review of my special effects course

I went to Shoreditch, London to do a special effects course to learn how to do special effects for 2 hours.

review of my special effects course

I did a 2-hour long session in London, to learn to do special effects makeup. I learnt to do a: bruise, two types of scars, scratches, wounds using silicone and wax. This linked into my arts award as I didn't know how to do special effects so I needed to learn it, to be able to do my workshop. I really enjoyed the workshop I attended. I had paid a hundred pounds but the hundred pounds was able to be spent in the shop so I was able to get my supplies such as grease paints wheels, scar plastic, wax, blood and the brushes. The workshop was a 1 on 1 session so I had a private lesson for 2 hours that I really enjoyed. Steffie had taught me and she was really nice, she also has her own Instagram page where she does special effects.


  • Freya Leon

    On 14 April 2019, 18:42 Freya Leon commented:

    THis review was very insightful, I really enjoyed reading it. I would really like to do something like this at some point.

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