les miserables

A roller-coaster of emotions and amazement

les miserables

On the 2nd of April myself and some of the other Arts Awarders got the opportunity to watch a dress rehearsal for Les Miserables at  Birmingham Hippodrome.

The entire experience was outstanding. From the theatre  team to the on stage actors, from the venue to the show, it was evident that meticulous thought had gone into every small detail. 

The venue and staff were extremely welcoming and friendly, they were all enthusiastic and seemed to really enjoy their work, making our experience feel so much nicer. The venue was stunning and obviously well cared for. The theatre layout was also good as everything could be seen and heard from all seats with no issues.

The quality of acting and singing was unbelievable and left me (and my friends who also watched it) in awe and shock. It was obvious the amount of effort and time that had gone into building the characters as they were all portrayed strongly and made it easy for the audience to make a connection. Emotions were also portrayed exceptionally throughout the play and I could feel my emotions within the characters (a few tears were shed).

The lighting, sound and costume truly helped to make this play so magical. There was a live orchestra and surround sound making the singing more beautiful and the fighting/war scenes more terrifying. The lighting was cleverly done, my favourite use of the light was when it was used to create shapes streaming through windows or barricades. The costume was realistic for the time period and the use of costume and wigs helped to further solidify the characters' personalities.

The set and props were cleverly used as they were attached to skates on the floor meaning that anything as small as a table to as large as a full wall could be moved about the stage with ease and make clean and graceful scene changes.

To conclude, I was blown away and would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to be amazed by a musical. If you ever have the opportunity to watch this then do because I truly believe there is no theatre experience quite like it!

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  • Mia M

    On 5 April 2019, 17:34 Mia M commented:

    That sounds amazing! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m very jealous!

  • Sadhana Narayanan

    On 6 April 2019, 20:27 Sadhana Narayanan local reviewer commented:

    Lovely review!

  • Lola Dobel

    On 7 April 2019, 16:14 Lola Dobel Local Reviewer commented:

    So well said!

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