Six the Musical

Six the Musical is a fantastic, vibrant and feisty musical which reclaims the stories of Henry VIII's six wives and rewrites their history.

Six the Musical

I went to see six the musical a few months ago and i can honestly say that i was blown away! The story behind the show is that Henry's six wives : Catherine of Aragon, Anne Bolyen, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleaves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr ( Henry must have had a thing for the name Catherine) have formed a girl band and they are on tour. It begins with the six ladies arguing over which of them had it  the worst when it comes to their relationship with Henry. Each wife then proceeds to sing a solo as to why their life was hard and it ends with Catherine Parr asking the question : Why can't we be our own story?  

Each of the wives is supposed to be based off a current famous female pop star. This is something that i only learned after seeing the show. I think that this is a really nice twist to put on the show as it allowed a modern audience to relate the six leading ladies to our modern day icons. It also allowed for genius lyrics, for example, Anne of Cleaves is supposed to represent Beyonce. One of the lines that she sings is " Ok ladies lets get in reformation." This is very clever as in Beyonces album Lemonade she sings " OK ladies lets get in formation." The writers have taken the famous line and related it to the reformation of the church in Germany. Another reason why this was impressive is because it meant that there was diverse representation. It could have been very easy for six white woman to be cast as the wives, however the representation sent a strong message which was it doesn't matter if you are not represented in history because you can make your own history. 

As an avid history student i really enjoyed these cleverly placed historical references. However, before i saw the show i was bit skeptical as to whether the writers of six would twist the history in order to embellish the storyline. This was not the case. The show managed to remain accurate while twisting the facts slightly to keep in line with the message of the play  which was essentially girl power, and the modern take that it took.This message was further emphasised by the all female band playing on stage with the wives. The musicianship and performance of all of them was superb because there were no inhibitions. They all just went for it and this is vital for a role that requires as much sass as these do. As well as this all six voices were stunning and as a singer myself i admired how much control they had while dancing around the stage.

Overall this is one of the best pieces of theatre i have ever seen. I know that a bold statement but i really mean it. I would see it again in a heart beat and i'd love to attempt to sing one of the songs from the show. I loved the girl power as well as the message to be allowed to write your own history.

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Taliah Hammell

Taliah Hammell

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  • Bee Snellen

    On 11 March 2019, 14:24 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Hi Taliah! Thanks for your review! Would you mind adding a short bio and image to your profile? We'd love to know more about you!

    This musical sounds like a very interesting twist on such a horrid piece of history. I actually like that they based them on modern pop icons to make them more relatable!

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