A review of A Landscape Painting Workshop at Worcester Arts Workshop

This is a review of a landscape painting workshop that I did at Worcester Arts Workshop in April. I decided to do this workshop to help me get some ideas for the background of my final piece.
As part of my Arts Award, I have to share my reviews and get peoples’ opinions and comments, so if you can, please leave a comment at the end. Thank you 🙂

A review of A Landscape Painting Workshop at Worcester Arts Workshop

What was the title of the activity?
Landscape painting workshop at Worcester Arts Workshop

What art form did you try?

I did landscape paintings and photography.

Why did you take this workshop?

To improve my painting and develop my skills in creating landscapes and backgrounds for my manga illustration.

Who taught the event, and what did you learn about the teacher?

Andrew Clacher. He is a local painter who runs lots of workshops.

Did you create any artwork? Describe it and the processes you undertook when you created it:
I created a landscape painting based on photographs that I took myself by the River Severn in Worcester city centre.

List some new skills or ideas you learnt:
Composition and taking a good photograph that can be used as inspiration for a landcape painting.
Mixing acrylic paint colours.
Building the layers of a painting.

Did you enjoy the activity? Why?
Yes. I really enjoyed the photography and getting the chance to work alongside other people so that we could all help each other.

Here is my final painting and below are some of the other photos that I took...




  • Bee Snellen

    On 19 January 2019, 13:53 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Thanks for your review J! Would you mind adding an image and short biography to your profile? We'd love to know more about you!

    I like your painting of the swan! The photographs are really nice too; I like that you've experimented with different angles.
    What was the hardest part about painting from a photo? Did you try to be as accurate as possible or were you going for more of an "impression"?

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