'For the many not the few!' in Wem

Ever been to a political fundraising party? No, me neither. This was my first experience.

'For the many not the few!' in Wem

On the 14th of December, 2018, held between 7:00pm and 11:30pm at the Sports and Social Club, in Wem, a very special community fundraising party was brought to the community of Wem, suitable for both the younger and older generation and all this was in order to raise money for the North Shropshire to fight the next general election. It contained live music from Café Lola (a jazz band) and also DJ's Mike and Hattie, which were there to play music in dcdb6414237c2a6b95d43af255f31778ab45e421.jpgbetween each song, to keep us all entertained. 

I believe Café Lola (which was based on the war in Berlin) provided sensational music throughout the night, as all the orchestral and vocal elements really emphasised their mood and passion within each song. Some of the songs gave off a happy and childish approach, but others created a dark and upsetting mood, due to how the lady in Café Lola was acting. In all of their songs, they weren't just singing, they were acting alongside that. This made us feel like we were part of that situation. The band was unique and crazy, but they were, at the same time, inspirational and heartwarming. 

As an 18 year old, I personally felt like it was a lovely social event, where everyone got together to enjoy classic music, which got everyone up and dancing. The age was mainly for the middle aged, but the younger generation was allowed, as there were quite a few children dancing to the music. 

The price of the community fundraising party wasn't too bad, especially with having a live band playing and also with having warm food provided. It was set at £15, which included: Café Lola band, the food and this was catered well by the 'Fruitful Deli', as it was served hot and there was a lot of time and effort prepared into serving the food. It was really hot and tasty, especially with it being on a cold and wintery evening and they also catered for all needs, especially for those who are vegetarian or for those who need to have a gluten free diet. 

e3fd2977f9c5e6c24403539914f660d79fcd53e5.jpgIt was held at a nice venue, due to it being an open and spacious area, where everything was held and organised accordingly. There was an open dance floor space, where everyone got together, dancing to the live music and just generally having a good time. There was even disco lights, which made it feel more like a party and it gave a welcoming atmosphere when entering the room and it was keeping the children happy. 

With the whole event trying to raise money for the North Shropshire to fight the next general election, in which the who event raised £500. With it being politically themed, I found confusing, due to being undecided on the path I choose. With going to this event, I gathered an understanding in different political parties. 4e83327f6f1b0bf156668b107123f0e80b2b0786.jpgAs I entered the room, there were political flags at the front of the room, which would be towards the Labour Party and there was a 'For a many not the few!' banner, which was situated where the band was performing, which gave me a sense of confusion at the start of the party, as I wouldn't personally attend political events. 

Overall, it was a great event, especially for those who enjoy jazz music, like dancing and to those who have a political view. It was a good way to celebrate a community fundraising party in that way. It was an amazing chance to be inspired by the live music, performed by Café Lola and DJ's Mike and Hattie and also to get an understanding of politics. It was definitely the way to get into swing, with everyone enjoying the music, the scrumptious food, from the 'Fruitful Deli' and it was the perfect environment for dancing and fundraising, at the Sports and Social Club, in Wem. What an amazing way to bring the whole community together. 'For the many not the few!' 

Header Image Credit: Clare Blencowe


  • Diana Walton

    On 15 January 2019, 10:00 Diana Walton Voice Team commented:

    This sounds like a great event, Sophie! Cafe Lola looks brilliant and it seems this party really brought the community together for a good night out.

  • sue challis

    On 15 January 2019, 10:31 sue challis commented:

    Thanks for the review Sophie and the great pix ! It was fab that you came along. I notice there are quite a few political articles on this site to stimulate ideas - great site too!

  • Bee Snellen

    On 16 January 2019, 09:33 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Great review, Sophie! It sounds like it was more entertainment than politics! Was there a "political" part of the evening? Did some politicians or organisers speak to explain what the fundraiser was for or was it just the music and food?

  • Judy McFall

    On 20 January 2019, 19:13 Judy McFall commented:

    Great review Sophie. Sounds like the music and entertainment was thoroughly enjoyable and just what you needed in this dreary political landscape!

  • Sophie Cartwright

    On 23 January 2019, 17:33 Sophie Cartwright Local Reviewer commented:

    Bee Snellen, no body from any political organisation came into the event to speak political, but there were banners situated around the room to emphasise what the event was about and what the money was being raised towards. The organiser did explain what the money was going to help. Mainly, the event was for the music and food, but the political elements were incorporated in the songs that were sung and also the raffle.

  • molly winter

    On 29 January 2019, 18:20 molly winter Local Reviewer commented:

    Good review :) cafe Lola sounds interesting :)

  • Alison Cartwright

    On 4 February 2019, 19:22 Alison Cartwright commented:


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