Dick Whittington Pantomime 


Dick Whittington  is about a boy and his cat called tommy. who went to London and met Alice who offered Dick a job at their fish shop. Alice and Dick fall in love. 

Dick is given a trusted task to guard the safe overnight. Dick and Tommy settle down in the shop to watch the safe then they fall asleep.

Then the rats broke in to the safe and stole the money. then put it in Dicks bag making it look like Dick stole the money. 

Dame Dolly makes Dick and Tommy leave because he can't be trusted and Dick isn't allowed to see Alice anymore. 

 then Dick and Tommy prove that Dick didn't take any of the money. 

they all go on a boat called Saucy Sally to catch more fish for the fish shop. Then the rats pretend to be someone else and offer to help on the boat and Dick says they could do with some extra help. 

then there is a storm and the boat ends up in Egypt and they catch the rats finally. Dick and Alice get married. 

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Molly Drinkwater

Molly Drinkwater

I’m a homeschooled girl. Who’s currently working towards my Silver Arts Award. Loves playing flute, photography and sewing!

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