Super Spectacular Six

SIX is a show about Henry VIII’s six wives, by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. The show was held at The Rose theatre in Kingston.

Super Spectacular Six

I thought it was really cool: I loved the costumes and the songs, for example, the costumes were all covered in sparkly glitter and looked like Tudor dresses but short, modern style. The songs were catchy and had different emotional effects on me, such as Anne Boleyn’s song was funny and Jane Seymore’s was sad.

I thought they could have done a better job on the set and stage, for example, they only had the word six along the back of the stage. They could have had some more props, such as a castle, some Tudor background and something very important, the actual main character Henry VIII.

My favourite character was Anne Boleyn because she was fabulously funny and very comical. She was always on her phone and was always putting herself before anyone else, just like any other teenager.

I think all of you should go and see it, because it was very funny and inspiring. We followed the show with a trip to Hampton Court Palace. It has now moved to the west end and I think you will like it.

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Bradley Gates

Bradley Gates

I am a twelve year old boy interested in drama and music. I am home educated and enjoy being able to choose what I learn about. I like science, history, cars and kung fu at the moment. I love to build with Lego and play games on my Nintendo Switch. I hope to complete my bronze arts award this term.


  • Bee Snellen

    On 10 January 2019, 12:31 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Thanks for your review Bradley! Would you mind adding a profile image and a short biography to your profile? We'd love to know more about you!

    It's sounds like this was a modern interpretation of the lives of Henry's wives. Was this more of a play / musical, or did they only perform songs? Were they original songs about their lives or what did they sing about?

  • Bradley Gates

    On 17 January 2019, 17:09 Bradley Gates commented:

    Thank you for commenting. Yes, this was a modern interpretation of Henry's wives. It was a musical theatre show not a pop concert. The songs were all about their tragic lives with Henry. For example, Anne of Cleeves had a horrible life: she got dumped for not looking like her portrait. He even said she looked like a horse

  • Carol Leach

    On 28 January 2019, 20:31 Carol Leach commented:

    that's one nasty hubbie if he says you look like a horse!

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