Dick Wittington Pantomime 


Dick Wittington

On 21st of December I went to see Dick wittington the pantomime at Royal Spa Centre in Lemington Spa.

It’s about a boy named Dick, and his cat “Tommy” and they’re adventure to London.

I enjoyed the pantomime, it was really good &  My favourite character is Tommy.

I’m sharing my review on the arts award voice magazine

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Archie Drinkwater

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  • Bee Snellen

    On 8 January 2019, 12:39 Bee Snellen commented:

    Thanks for your review, Archie!

    Could you tell us a bit more about the pantomime? Why was Tommy your favourite character? Were there any characters you didn't like?

  • Archie Drinkwater

    On 8 January 2019, 17:06 Archie Drinkwater commented:

    My favourite character was Tommy, because I have a cat named Tommy.

    And I didn’t have a least favourite character.
    Thanks for your questions

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