I went to the TATE Modern and saw a Photo Exhibition

Hi, my name is Evie and this is my review of when I visited a Photo Exhibition at the TATE!

I went to the TATE Modern and saw a Photo Exhibition

Over the christmas holidays i went to the TATE Modern with my cousins and my family. The Tate Modern is a gallery in London where many forms of art are displayed but I was interested most in the photography. We explored almost all parts of the Tate but I am talking today about the first art we saw and the photography exhibition. 

When we first arrived, before we went to the exhibition, we went downstairs to a place called the tanks which was made up of artists all around the world creating art based around a girl. Some of them were moving and one of them was just a light moulded to look like her. This light was displayed in one of the tanks which had been painted black and this was super effective because not only did it make the art stand out but also made the art almost hypnotise you and draw you in. this was one of my favourite parts because this piece of art made you fell so serene. Here is a photo I took of it:c9014a0d92f8cbf8447d6492b488098cd4d8f8cf.jpg

Next, we moved on to the photography exhibition which was in various different rooms. Each room was designed differently around those pieces of art meaning that you could really feel the contrast of the different displays. My favourite part of the exhibition was a room where loads of tiny photos where displayed. Each one made me feel a different way and made me imagine something else. Compared to the first piece of art I saw, this piece was so busy and made you feel a million different emotions all at once although each picture only had a slight difference. However, if you stepped back from the piece and looked at it as a whole, it calmed down and the photos all seemed to fit together like a puzzle. Here is a photo i took of it: afcc8014fd45437aec1072304ee0246fc2e25465.jpg

These pieces of art were nice but it became quite boring after a while just looking at pieces of art you couldn't touch or get involved in which is why we did a course afterwards which taught us how to do quite the opposite. We met a man called Travis and he took us around some more art pieces but this time we were encouraged to make noises and express how the art makes us feel. This course was really fun and taught me to look at art in a different way and how to express you emotions towards a piece of art without using our words. 

Overall this experience was extremely fun and interesting and was a completely different experience to other galleries I'd been to because the art was so different and entrancing. I would definitely like to go again to the TATE Modern and see more photos from around the world. The only thing I might have changed was going on a different day because the gallery was very busy and sometimes hard to move around in.

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evie dawson

evie dawson

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  • Emrys Green

    On 24 December 2018, 14:33 Emrys Green Voice Team commented:

    Thanks for sharing your review Evie! The interactive course sounds great, although I'm sure it was good to experience the art work first too. I agree - I much prefer tactile art experiences myself.

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