The Railway Children

A production by Old Vic Theatre Stage School

The Railway Children

I really enjoyed going to see the ‘Railway Children’ in the Old Vic Theatre School. The story line is about some children who are rich and live in town, then their father is called away unexpectedly. They have to move to the countryside and then they become poor, but they made the best of it. They had lots of adventures and they were very brave and saved lots people from a train accident. Really skilled actors brought the story to life. There was not a very big cast so the actors had to play more than one part but you could see that they were playing different parts by the way they acted. Surprisingly there was only two parts to the stage, the back drop and a bridge. Awesomely, the bridge was used as a tunnel, stairs in their home and a hill. My favourite part of the show was the props, although they were simple the actors used them in a very creative and clever way. The trains were just three windows being carried by actors with third, second and first class painted on them; the actors moved the windows in perfect time to the sound effects, lots of smoke, and lights made it seem so real. Inside their house the actors would hold up taps or coat pegs, so we knew we were in their home. The doorways of the houses were only a plank of wood held up by the actors. Watching the Railway Children in the Old Vic Theatre School was very enjoyable.

By Sophie

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Sophie Wisheart

Sophie Wisheart

My name is Sophie and I am doing my bronze arts awards. I like dancing, being creative and rabbits.

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  • Bee Snellen

    On 9 December 2018, 17:54 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Thank you for your lovely review, Sophie! Would you mind adding a picture and biography to your profile? We would love to know more about you!

    It sounds that performers were very creative in using props to set the scene. Do you think such a small-scale production impacted the show or would a big production on the West End be exactly the same?

  • Sophie Wisheart

    On 12 December 2018, 14:05 Sophie Wisheart commented:

    Thanks for your response.

    Because it was quite a small-scale production I think they probably had to be creative with there props and set because they probably didn't have such a big budget. I imagine shows on the West End have more elaborate props and sets because they have bigger budgets.

  • Karen Arulvasagam

    On 13 December 2018, 08:36 Karen Arulvasagam commented:

    Well done Sophie, you have really given a good sense of what it was like to actually be there. Sounds like it was a fantastic and cleverly put together show.

  • Jeanette Mullins

    On 30 January 2019, 11:09 Jeanette Mullins commented:

    It sounds so cleverly staged and enjoyable. I would loved to have seen it.

  • Sophie Wisheart

    On 1 February 2019, 13:04 Sophie Wisheart commented:

    Yeah, it was really great.

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