Portsmouth Music Experience Review

This is my review of the Portsmouth music experience I went to for my bronze arts award. 

Portsmouth Music Experience Review

What was the title of the exhibition?
The exhibition was called Portsmouth music experience.

Why did you choose to attend this exhibition?
It was local and cheap.

What did you see?
I saw photos and some information about musicians that had played at Portsmouth venues.

Who were the artists and what do they create?
There were multiple musicians shown at the exhibition, for example Queen and the Beatles were among these that had performed in Portsmouth.

What were your first impressions?
It was very cluttered and there was not enough information about the exhibition.

Did you find anything particularly interesting to you personally?  
I found the photos of all the band the most interesting, this is because i got to see certain skills that the photographers used to compose and capture these images.

What did you learn? Did it make you think about any art form differently?
The whole experience made me think about using the rule of thirds more often, seeming as the photos shown there used this technique a lot.

Did you enjoy the experience overall? Why?
I did enjoy it, but I was slightly disappointed. This was because it was very cluttered and there was not enough information to show you where and what was what. I believe if they had more space, signs and information, it would be much more interesting. 

The image I have added is the flyer I was handed at the start of the event. 


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  • Susanna Kinloch

    On 8 November 2018, 18:20 Susanna Kinloch commented:

    It sounds very interesting
    I'm sorry to hear it was a little disappointing

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