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This is my Review of a performance of the nutcracker I watched. Can you please leave some comments for my silver art award.

What was the title of the exhibition/show?

Tchaikovsky- The Nutcracker

Performed at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg In December 2012 recorded and put on Youtube.

Why did you choose to attend this exhibition/show?

I chose this performance to watch because I love The Nutcracker. One of the reasons I love The Nutcracker because of the Uncle Drosselmeyer. He is a very interesting character because of the presents he brought for the children and because he seems magical. I chose to watch it on Youtube because it was too expensive to go to a live show.

I chose this particular performance because it was recorded where The Nutcracker was originally performed.

Who were the artists and what do they create?

It was a group of dancers performing at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Pertersburg.

Those are all the talented dancers that were in the performance.

Masha the Princess: Alina Somova

The Nutcracker Prince: Vladimir Shklyarov

Masha: Alexandra Korshunova

Stahlbaum: Vladimir Ponomaryov

His wife: Alexandra Gronskaya

Luisa: Alena Mashintseva

Franz: Pavel Miheyev

Drosselmeyer: Fyodor Lopukhov

The Grandmother: Lira Khuslamova

The Grandfather: Stanislav Burov

The Nanny: Valeria Karpina

The Nutcracker: Pavel Miheyev

Clown: Konstantin Ivkin

Doll: Yana Selina

Blackamoor: Alexei Popov

The Mouse King: Soslan Kulaev

Waltz of the Snowflakes (Act II): Valeria Martynyuk, Yana Selina and artists of the ballet

Elegant Ladies and Gentlemen: Viktoria Brilyova, Ksenia Dubrovina, Boris Zhurilov, Konstantin Zverev

Spanish Dance: Nadezhda Batoeva, Denis Zainetdinov

Eastern Dance: Elena Bazhenova and artists of the ballet

Chinese Dance: Valeria Martynyuk, Grigori Popov

Trepak (Russian Dance): Polina Rassadina, Ksenia Romashova, Mikhail Berdichevski

Pas de trois (Dance of the reed pipes): Eleonora Sevenard, Yulia Zolotykh, Roman Surkov

Waltz of the Flowers: Viktoria Brilyova, Ksenia Ostreikovskaya, Diana Smirnova, Yuliana Chereshkevich, Andrei Ermakov, Kirill Safin, Kamil Yangurazov, Konstantin Zverev and artists of the ballet

What did you see?

I saw a saw a video of a ballet.

What were your first impressions?

I was impressed at how big the venue was. All the dancers were amazing and I could tell they had practiced  a lot.  The orchestra were really well rehearsed and the music they played was very good. I really liked the costumes the dancers were wearing were well produced.

Did you find anything particularly interesting to your personally?

I loved the backdrops because they were pretty. They had so much detail. The different scene changes were very fast some of the fastest I have ever seen.

What did you learn which will help you to achieve your challenge?

I learnt what some dance moves look like and what it looks like to get them right. This will help me achieve my challenge because it showed me how to do them which will help me learn them faster. The dance has also inspired me to get better at dance .the dancers also did many pirouettes in the performance which has helped me understand how they look in a professional performance.

Did you enjoy the experience overall? Why?

I enjoyed it because all the dancers were lively and it made it really fun to watch. I particularly liked all of the young dancers at the start because they were so amazing for their age. I would of loved to play the part of the young Clara because of how fun it looked and how the young dancer made it look.

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Olivia Farrington D'Arcy

Olivia Farrington D'Arcy

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  • Joshua Gould

    On 19 October 2018, 14:48 Joshua Gould Contributor commented:

    Great review Olivia, are you a ballet dancer yourself?

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