Loki, the Scottish Rapper: Poverty Safari Live

Loki brings an impressive blend of music, comedy and spoken word together while maintaining an intelligent commentary on social mobility, class and identity.

Loki, the Scottish Rapper: Poverty Safari Live

Poverty Safari Live is an intense performance and you’d better make sure you go pumped full of coffee ready to listen and take in all of the ideas and commentary that Loki spills at high speed. It’s a captivating performance sharing opinions that really get you thinking. A tale of two parts, Loki takes us through a spoken word poetry set playing the character of a working class man trying to fit into a middle-class world, juxtaposed with a running commentary that analyses what the poetry set is trying to communicate. Amongst many other things, the performance questions the need for trigger warnings, where the safe spaces are to discuss and make mistakes in conversations about homophobia, misogyny and racism, and the fact that the 'correct' academic response to many of these ideas limits the space for working-class involvement in these discussions. Yeah, it’s a pretty heavy show.

An interesting combination of poetry and explanation, I would normally question the success of the artist's communication if they feel the need to analyse their performance on stage, but Loki has a good explanation. He theorises that rappers aren’t allowed the same level of disassociation from their creative work as other artists are, meaning that he has to step back and explain the ‘character’ of his performance so that the message doesn’t get misconstrued.

Loki AKA Darren McGarvey’s is a talented, energising performer with a lot of refreshing things to say. An interesting performance that will leave you thinking for days.


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