An irreverent, outrageous, hilarious satire that allows you to laugh at the awful reality of current events


The talented cast of NewsRevue certainly aren’t lacking in inspiration this year for their typically derisive show, and all the expected victims appear numerous times: Theresa May, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn and Vladimir Putin are all gleefully, brutally and deservedly ripped apart numerous times over the course of the hour. Angela Merkel, Melania Trump and Diane Abbott also make guest appearances, alongside two Russian news presenters and the childhood favourite, Dora the Explorer.

Every sketch is short, snappy and just as funny as the last, and every one makes an important point without ever being too serious. The opening number - ‘Uranium’, sung to the tune of The Weather Girls’ ‘It’s Raining Men’ - depicts a scarily possible future, while a medley of classic show-tunes tears apart Hollywood in light of the ‘Me Too’ movement and the allegations of sexual assault that have recently come to light.

Nothing escapes NewsRevue’s critical eye; not the World Cup failing to come home, nor the guilt of eco-conscious millennials who leave their reusable coffee cup at home. With rewritten numbers from The Little Mermaid, Chicago, Michael Jackson and Bobby Day, there’s something for everyone, and you’ll laugh your way through each brilliant performance.

It is a bit of a scary world right now, and it’s important sometimes to laugh at all of the craziness going on. This show will certainly let you do that.

NewsRevue is on at 17:45 at Underbelly, George Square until August 27th, excluding the 15th. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the EdFringe website


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