A Self-Help Guide to Being in Love With Jeremy Corbyn

“Don’t let me down Jeremy, don't you dare let me down”

A Self-Help Guide to Being in Love With Jeremy Corbyn

“I don't think you have to agree with everything Jeremy Corbyn says… but when I weigh up my feelings about Brexit and the fact that all over the country there are food banks opening just for the summer holidays to feed children who otherwise wont eat because they're not getting their free school meal. I don't think that there really is a choice.” - Jess Green. 

Jess Green and the Mischief Thieves are a spoken-word troupe, combining music and word inspired by modern politics. Located in an underground bar just north of the station, this could be the perfect setting for start of a revolution.

As Jess walks on stage I notice she's wearing red converse (appropriate for the occasion), she looks younger than I was expecting and seems to have a youthful vibrancy reminiscent of a bright-eyed student. 

Jess is a Labour activist and campaigner. In between each of her poems, she tells stories from her childhood and of her experiences as a member of the Labour party. It’s apparent that leftist politics run in the family as she recounts the rebellious stories of her parents activism (with valuable lessons learned about free postal addresses). 

Throughout the last decade Jess has been loyal Labour supporter, but as she says, with her membership card firmly at the back of her pocket. However, with the party's membership the highest its been in modern times, Jeremy Corbyn and his ‘raw Communist sex appeal’ promise fresh hope for Labour.

The set starts off on a slow melancholy foot, adequately reflecting the ubiquitous sense of doom that permeates society these days. The world seems to be in utter chaos and Jess knows where to point the finger. 

Soon, the rhythm picks up becoming faster, fuelled by Jess’s words. Half way through, the thundering echo of the drum behind the rising crescendo of Jess’s performance creates an atmosphere of angry poised energy. 

The tempo of the set is circuitous as it starts slow, rising to a high-energy pace and then ending on a slower yet deliberate note. An acoustic-quartet that includes a cajon drum lends sounds of world music, with notes of country, jazz, funk and blues.

Not every line landed with the punch I wanted, or perhaps I’m being too reductive for the sake of poetic lyricism, and for the most part the set was well structured and moved through each poem fluidly. 

If you're red or blue then this is for you!

For more details and information visit the EdFringe website

To find out more about Jess visit her website here.


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