Richard Soames: Let's make a movie

An original show, well delivered, that kept us laughing throughout and a little astounded at the end.

Richard Soames: Let's make a movie

This is a great concept of a show. A masterclass in making a movie.  It entails very creative (aka low budget) props, a team of highly unqualified film makers (the audience) and a handicam possibly not from this century.  These are all ingredients of a brilliant time, obviously?!

I jest a bit, but so did Richard. He also engaged every member of the audience with his story, with his demonstrations of how to do it, and got us involved in the practicalities. From coming up with the concepts, to making the sound effects, being the lighting team, art department, props department and many more. The actual principles were spot on, and the low cost work experience we had was promising for our future careers.

Richard’s timing of delivery was second to none. The technical smoothness was a great contributing factor to this show, and he used pre-recorded film clips to excellent effect throughout. They sometimes provided demos, sometimes provided case studies, and always provided a good laugh. 

These interludes were a great addition and really helped in the pace of the show which kept everyone on board. It helped us to shift focus from on stage to the back of the stage, provided depth and a whole other level - we weren’t being lectured or just spoken at with jokes for an hour. We witnessed funny, we contributed to funny, we helped make an actual film that was simply funny.

Richard claimed he’s never been good at the endings. But I promise that you won’t be disappointed with the end results - so long as you're not expecting Spielberg results! This is a unique show that is well worth an hour of your afternoon; be entertained, get involved, and enjoy.

Underbelly Bristo Square @ 15:55

More details and tickets at:

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