Laura Lexx: Trying

Fun, poignant, personal, Laura Lexx’s Trying is a thought-provoking masterpiece that you’ll regret not seeing.

Laura Lexx: Trying

Laura invites us to laugh along with her at the dark times. Starting with a 90’s nostalgia – Pez dispensers, snap-on bangles, holiday pen pals (all the best bits) – Laura takes us through her life to date and her experience of battling depression and anxiety and trying for a baby, and she makes it okay to laugh. In fact, to ensure everyone feels as though they’re in a safe space and it’s okay to laugh, she’s made her very own cardboard signs with dark jokes instructing the audience to laugh.

I felt immediately warm to Laura’s friendly, excitable and unobtrusive manner, as, I felt, did the audience. It’s this style of delivery that allows for the exploration of such troublesome topics, and at the times I felt myself welling up Laura immediately brought it back around and allowed the audience to laugh. She has a lot of empathy for her listeners. She has an impressive skill for narrative description, setting the scene and generating details with such creativity that the everyday things become new. 

Combined this with an impressive ability to role-play characters, an energetic delivery, and a masterful structure and you’re on to a winner, no, a masterpiece. It also managed to find a superb balance between the emotion and the silly. It’s such a well-crafted show that I’m left with words such as poignant, warm, heartfelt, but actually, I just want to say, you’d better bloody see this show or you’re a monster.

This is a show that will leave you with all over tingles.

Gilded Balloon @17:15

August 10-14, 16-26 

Find out more and buy tickets: 


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