Matt Forde: Brexit Through the Gift Shop

One of the best current political comedians on the scene

Matt Forde: Brexit Through the Gift Shop

There is a new political divide in the UK, says Matt Forde. Not the left or the right, the liberals or the conservatives, but the sane and the F’ing crazy. Those who look at Brexit and think ‘Oh this is all going well, I can’t wait for the mass unemployment to strike’ and those who are still present in reality. 

Brexit through the Gift Shop is really just Matt Forde calling bullshit on the current state of politics, both nationally and abroad. He cross-examines statements and actions of the political elite and highlights the hypocrisy and the worrying level of incompetence. Although Brexit was by far the predominant focus of his show, there was plenty of room for Scottish Independence. In fact, I would possibly argue that the SNP content was among his strongest material, not least because I could feel some audience members bristle around me. 

I imagine it is both simultaneously easy and exceptionally difficult to produce material for this show. On one hand, you only have to open the paper to find the latest disaster that makes you want to laugh so you don’t cry. On the other though, he must be constantly rewriting his material to be up to the minute with the latest omnishambles. Luckily though, it’s obvious that Forde is talented and clued up enough to do manage it.

Another thing Forde does well is impressions; Boris Johnson and Trump being by far his strongest. Yet, there were points where some seemed to be used just because he could. For what possible reason would you bring Michael McIntyre or Jon Richardson into the show? It was just the smallest aside, but because he made a similar joke last year, its inclusion was all the more obvious and felt like padding. 

Politics at the minute is becoming increasingly tribal, but also worryingly delusional. Any attempt at a dialogue is futile, because you’re either ‘with’ someone or ‘against’ them. While Matt Forde is exceptionally funny, I’m not sure whether his show is the answer, and it probably isn’t meant to be. Instead, it is a chance for the ‘sane’ among us to shelter together for an hour and laugh at the ridiculous situation we find ourselves in. 

Pleasance Courtyard @ 20:30.

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website


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