Prophets of Imperfection

This casual style comedy show features two mates, Brace Boy and Captain Cane, having a chat with the audience about disability, metal music, porn and crisps. What more could you want?

Prophets of Imperfection

These are some of the friendliest lads I’ve ever met. So friendly, in fact, that they started the show by offering crisps to everyone and asking us to rate them, although that could have been a cheeky plug for a little side project they have going on. Seriously, check out This comedy duo bounces off each other like Dick and Dom, not afraid to take the mick out of each other or lift each other up when necessary. They call themselves the Prophets of Imperfection because they’re promoting the idea of a disability being a superpower, considering themselves to have an ‘alternative body lifestyle’ rather than be ‘disabled.’

The show takes the form of a casual chat between two mates, which would lend itself well to a podcast style, particularly given the sort of niche but general topics they discuss. Alongside witty one-liners and interactions with each other, they take us through a potted history of disability through the ages, starting with early history. We find ourselves being taken on a journey of a comfortable mix of intellectual academia and silly jokes.

Although the show could do with a bit of a polish and some work on the substance of jokes and comedy timing, it’s a good bit of entertainment with a valid message behind it. It’s fun to watch the friendship of the two lads and if you’re into that sort of humour or topics then you will enjoy this.

If you’re looking for an hour of silly conversation with a dash of intellectualism and a lashing of commentary on disability in our society, then check out Prophets of Imperfection.

The Space @ Surgeons Hall @ 17:10

August 8 - 11

Find out more and get tickets: 


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