A solo theatre show by Samuel Clayton of Catapult Theatre Company, who demonstrates incredible skill as an actor and provides a moving insight in to the tribulations of additional learning needs in mainstream education.


Let’s meet Daniel a 9 year old with Aspergers. Javid, an 8-10 year old refugee from Afghanistan with Downs Syndrome, and Toby, 9 years old with Emotional Behaviour Disorder. And meet them we did along with a plethora of other characters from teachers, to ‘professionals’, a peer mentor and even a parent,  all played brilliantly with their own accents, their own physicality’s, and a marker of clothing or accessory. Combine these with simple but effective lighting and a skilful performer and you have an incredibly special play. Even every transition was smooth and noticeable so you were never left lost.

The boys speak in fantastic poetry, it holds a pace and ensures everything is clear for the audience.

This isn’t a show in a traditional educational format at all. It’s a show that brings deep meaning and insight and somehow does with three scenarios in the hour - of course there’s clever links.  There’s a poignant ending and this is a show that should be put in front of the Education Select Committee!

Having said this, you learn a lot about the issues these young boys face and the hard work that teaching staff put in - often unpaid and unsupported.  Put simply, teachers and teaching assistants need support: financial, time and culturally within the education system.  They want to do their best, and they are doing their best given the constraints placed upon them, but more should be done at a policy and management level.

The theatrical devices used work well in a small room setting, the connection you can have with each character means you invest in what’s happening, and he did well to look around the room to engage with sections in more of a direct address at times. It is this skill in delivery, energy in performance and delicate but brilliant tackling of the topics which makes this a must-see show.

To paraphrase, “How can I adjust to the support when help is constantly changing”. Find out how and why by watching this show.

Gilded Balloon Teviot House @ 12:45

More Details & Tickets:

Do also watch the show’s trailer and find out more about how it was created in our interview with Samuel at:


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