Direct Art Action Gallery review

We went to an art gallery in Sutton Coldfield and spoke to 2 local artists and they told us about the work

Direct Art Action Gallery review

On 1st march I visited Direct Art Action which is an art gallery in Sutton Coldfield. My arts award group went to see some artists that we have been researching who are James Ware and Fran Vere and we looked at lots of other work. This was good that we were meeting them because we wanted to know a bit more about them and how they got into art. Also we got to know what they thought of their own work and what they would change. They told us about what art they liked doing like James does lot of paintings with the human body in and also some more weird abstract ones. And Fran does digital photo stuff which is totally different. They told us about one of their works in detail and we asked questions.

After that we went and looked around to see all the types of art work and art styles and spoke to the man who set it all up. This was interesting because we got to look at all of different types of art the venue at Direct Art Action like painting, photography, 3D work in metal and china and lots more.

It was good to see a big range of art and anyone can go when they go shopping and it’s free. It was good talking to the artists so you could learn more about their work. There were some weird things in there that are out of the ordinary and no one would think about so it was good to see a range. It was interesting that the majority of things that are visual can be art and they have a deeper meaning. I learnt loads more speaking to the artists otherwise I wouldn’t know what their work was about. 

I learnt that there is lots of different types of art and that art can be anything because we saw a bowl of cereal and a painting of spaghetti hoops. I learnt that it’s good to talk to artists so they can tell you about the work so you know what it means. I think that what I took away is that any type of thing can be classed as art work. It doesn’t have to be a painting or really formal it can be anything or made out of anything. It makes me think when I do an exhibition of my work I need to have information about it to read so people looking can understand about it.

Overall it was a good day and I enjoyed talking to the artists so it would have been good if there were more artists there to talk to because this would of helped me understand all of their work. I would recommend going to Direct Art Action as you can just pop in while you’re doing your shopping and it’s easy to get to.


staven ariss

staven ariss

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 11 June 2018, 11:30 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    Great review! Do you think you'll be an artist yourself one day?

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