The Kurious Kabinet of Dr Katterfelto

A delightful and quirky exploration of the 18th century showman Dr Katterfelto and his quackeries. 

The Kurious Kabinet of Dr Katterfelto

Stepping into The Old Courtroom, I was immediately struck by the oddly shaped and covered objects on stage.

Wondering as to what the specimens can be used for, the good Doctor (Ian B Dunne) plays on the audiences’ curiosities by taking us on a masterclass of microscopic specimens. 

Accompanied by a side-kick cat, the Doctor impressively tells tales of odd cures and medical myths in imaginative and innovative ways. 

One of the highlights of the show is the magnificent floating balloon, which gracefully levitates around the space. 

If you’re eager to separate fact and fiction, and want to delight your thirst for knowledge, this show is it! It entertains, informs and makes you think twice about old housewives’ tales! 

Overall, Dunne's humorous delivery is particularly impressive, and it’s a fun and quirky tale of science innovations and a mix of quackery which can be enjoyed by all the family. 


Kia Mackie

Kia Mackie

Kia Mackie is an mixed-media artist from Surrey, UK who enjoys supporting local arts.


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