White Girls

A drama comedy looking at the experiences of two white women in the Calais 'jungle'

White Girls

Located in The Warren, I entered the venue with with no fixed expectation of what the show would do to detail the migrant crisis and in what taste it would be handled. 

Politics and comedy are much like a cocktail - nearly anyone can make one, but for it to be done well it  requires finesse, and has to be treated delicately. I am delighted to say this performance was a grade A Long Island Iced Tea.

In an attempt to anger and annoy their parents two girls abandon their privileged lifestyle for a short act of kindness in the Calais 'jungle'. Upon arrival these city-loving and independent, head strong youngsters come to grow passionately connected to the lives, woes and circumstances of those they have volunteered to help. What starts off as a whim turns into a life-changing and life-altering experience for the materialistic youngsters. The Voluntourism documented in their comedic and heartfelt documentation of life in the camps renders you both happy at the alturism, but educated and shocked to the reality of the refugee situation.

The performance was woven informatively and hilariously at times, and the misadventures of two enigmatic and raucous females volunteering in Calais at the refugee camp during a time of political upheaval was handled with warmth and intellect.

The costume changes are hilarious and on point, and the acting and regaling of tales encapsulates the audience and leaves them involved and wanting more. I think they achieved what they set out to represent, and I believed and trusted in their choice of words and imagery. I strongly recommend this one!


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