Sony World Photography Awards 2018

A review on the Sony World Photography Awards 2018 for Silver Arts Award

Sony World Photography Awards 2018

On the 29th of April i attended the exhibition, which was held at Somerset House in London.

The event was an exhibition of all the winners and runner ups prints.The exhibition involved waling through the different sections such as; 2018 open winners; youth winners; street photography, and many more.There were prints of work from photographers such as Carlos De La Rosa, Sphiwo Hlatshwayo and hundreds more.

Some of the prints that I thought stood out





I thought the exhibition was really good as it showcased so many styles and it was hard not to find photos that you loved in every room, i think the variety that they included in this years exhibition was amazing they had prints that showed the beauty of cultures, people and building but they also had photos that has huge amounts of meaning behind them such as Edgar Martins series of photographs that captured different peoples suicide notes or Fredrick Lerneyds series of photographs called 'slum ballet'.

There really wasn't anything that wasn't good in the exhibition, there was something for 1f639a9b969c48bb6e33379c094a010f2ba85160.jpgeveryone.

I learnt a lot about other peoples styles and also in some peoples description of there photos they said how they got that particular photo to work, so i picked up a lot of tips that will help me progress in my photography.

I have never been to a photography exhibition before and overall it was a very enjoyable day, seeing so many prints that were unique and everyones different styles, I highly recommend going to the 2019 exhibition.


Gabriella Santos

Gabriella Santos

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 21 May 2018, 10:01 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    These photos look absolutely brilliant!

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