Bella Chipperfield

I attended a meeting at lunchtime to meet Bella Chipperfield, a local artist. 

Bella Chipperfield

At my school, there was a lunchtime meeting to see Bella Chipperfield perform - she is a harpist and artist located in Hertfordshire. She also showed us some of her visual art projects, including her painting Commissions and personal projects. I had not been to see an artist like her show their talents like this before, so I was very curious to see how the meeting would be conducted. 

I think the meeting meeting itself was very well structured and interesting because it gave me an excellent insight on the life of an independent artist selling their art and performing for a living. Bella was very inspiring, enthusiastic and encouraging throughout whilst also being informative and extremely helpful. I don't have any criticism of the meeting, and overall it was a great experience for me - as a budding artist - to meet a professional working for a living in this way, because it taught me a lot about how to go about earning money from art. 


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 14 May 2018, 10:08 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    Where can I find her music? She sounds brilliant!

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