Tate Modern Review

I visited the Tate Modern as part of an organised school trip. 

Tate Modern Review

The Tate Modern Gallery is in London, and we visited it (as part of our GCSE school art course) to view the art in the free exhibition sections. We viewed many interesting and stunning paintings, sculptures and designs by many different modern artists. Having never been to an art gallery before, it was a captivating and entrancing experience for me, leading me to want to revisit sometime in the future. 

The experience was excellent because, in my opinion, the variety of artwork was vast and the art itself was mind-boggling in its originality, complexity, and bizarre nature.

However, I am sceptical of modern abstract art sometimes because of its stereotypical simplicity and the apparent view of it being easy to make/paint/sculpt etc. So, I was slightly unsure of a few of the paintings and sceptical of their meanings, but the experience was thrilling nevertheless; I would definitely recommend it to a friend because it is the type of art that must be seen face-to-face in order to be interpreted fully. I think I learnt that even the simplest or most bizarre types of art can have stories behind it, and everybody has their own perceptions of the meanings behind it. 


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 14 May 2018, 10:04 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    I'm really jealous that you went to the Tate Modern!

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