The Quireboys Concert

The Quireboys have just been in the iTunes Blues chart and are currently touring the UK. Most famous for their 1990s tunes 'Hey You' and 'Seven O'Clock', they have 30 years of musical experience and 10 albums. The Quireboys are bluesy rock, with the raspy voice of Spike at the lead.

The Quireboys Concert

The Thekla was a perfect venue: a boat moored in the harbour. Spike, the lead, tends to dress rather like a pirate and the bluesy rock music and Spike’s raspy voice seemed to fit the venue. The space was relatively small, allowing the audience to get near to the performance and it felt very intimate. Spike interacted with the audience and so it felt very friendly and great entertainment. The audience were all standing, which led to dancing and clapping along. The set list spanned their 30 years and it seemed that everyone knew at least some of the songs - and sang along! The performance was energetic, with lots of movement and twirling of the microphone stand, and ballads were mixed in with more high energy songs. It never got boring!

I was struck by the entertainment element of the music. The rock and roll sound and upbeat lyrics were so positive and the audience were so happy and enthusiastic - the music really lifted everyone’s mood. The lead, Spike, had broken his leg, but still put on a great show and didn't stop smiling, laughing and engaging all through the show. There was also a great camaraderie between the band members which added to the energy, and made the audience really believe in the songs. The punk gigs I've been to recently had energy, but in a different way, and seeing this audience so happy has made me want to explore how to achieve that as a performer.

I have taken away from the show that a musician needs to engage with their audience - be confident, well rehearsed and comfortable with themselves. I also noticed how the band really think about the rhythm, beat, melody and lyrics and how they will affect the audience. I certainly came out planning to try out some of the older school rock and roll techniques and riffs.

To sum up, I loved the experience! The venue was unusual which made it a different experience to any gigs I'd been to before. The band played brilliantly and professionally - there were no breaks or pauses, just music and a few funny jokes and anecdotes. The band were in tune, in time, and able to improvise creatively at some points. The band also came to meet us after the gig and signed autographs. Spike told me a bit about his life in LA - he has breakfast with Paul Stanley, KISS frontman, apparently.


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 12 April 2018, 10:31 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    I've just given these guys a listen - they're not bad at all!

  • Hedra Brown

    On 12 April 2018, 11:24 Hedra Brown commented:

    Glad you like them. I think they sound a little like The Faces at times - which isn't a bad thing!

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