The Revolting Children Of Tomorrow

A talented cast of youths bring song, dance and plenty of fun

The Revolting Children Of Tomorrow

Star Academy presents this original show which sees Annie and Matilda travel to Broadway together, encountering the casts of different famous musicals en route. Numbers from the likes of Cats, Fame, Wicked and A Chorus Line featured, which was particularly enjoyable for a musical enthusiast like me, and I happily sang along throughout. 

The two girls who played Annie and Matilda were both excellent; Cartia Lanzoni in particular has a stunning voice, and I could easily see her playing Matilda in the musical itself. The ensemble danced beautifully, showing off their impressive talent in both ballet and hip hop. I absolutely loved the choreography, especially in the Singin’ in the Rain number, which flawlessly blended the two styles, and Bella Di Matteo’s pointe work was gorgeous. 

The cast of 21 is made up of girls aged seven to 18, each and every one of whom performed wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. They all put 100% into every single dance, and had a fantastic energy that was a pleasure to watch. They certainly proved that age is irrelevant when it comes to talent!

The dialogue in between each number was slightly slow-paced, and could definitely be sped up, as the energy and momentum of the show - which were so high during each of the numbers - flagged a little in those moments. The inclusion of an explosive finale meant that the show ended on a high, and it was clear that everyone, cast and audience alike, thoroughly enjoyed the show. 


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