Love Letters to the Public Transport System

Heartwarming, emotional and unexpectedly beautiful

Love Letters to the Public Transport System

This show has a strange name and a rather strange subject matter, but one that Taylor brings to the stage in a simple yet stunning way, telling the stories of people whose lives have been completely and irreversibly changed by chance encounters on public transport. 

One of those stories is her own, which is told in a relaxed, colloquial manner, leaning back against the bus seat that is her only set, speaking to the audience like old friends. She makes the story personal without revealing any details, and my heart soars and breaks with hers as her eyes light up and fill with tears throughout her tale. 

Margaret and Tam’s stories are told alongside hers, woven throughout in a brilliantly structured narrative that leaves the audience desperate to find out the fate of each person, but equally eager to return to the others’ stories to discover theirs. Taylor handles the highly emotional moments beautifully, building powerful climaxes that contrast with equally powerful silences, and the audience is completely enthralled throughout, unable to tear their eyes away from her unassuming yet commanding stage presence. 

Slight changes in lighting echo the mood of Taylor’s narrative well, but there are no other effects, and Taylor doesn’t need them. She owns the stage, sitting there on her bus seat, celebrating the joys of life, however fleeting, and the incredible people who facilitate our daily lives without so much as an acknowledgement. She’ll definitely make you look at bus drivers and train drivers in a different way, and you’ll be going out of your way to thank them as much as possible once you’ve seen this show. And why shouldn’t we? Maybe you believe in chance, or fate, or serendipity, but Taylor wants more than that; she wants to thank someone for the physical journeys that led her to happiness. This show does that. This show is for the unsung heroes of our society, and it is brilliant.


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 23 February 2018, 10:04 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I'm so glad you went to the Adelaide Fringe! This looks like a lovely play we could all learn from :)

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