Royal West Of England Academy - Seeking Random (Paintings by Neil Murison)

This is a review on an Arts Exhibition in the Royal West of England Academy called Seeking Random which displays artist Neil Murison's work.

Royal West Of England Academy - Seeking Random (Paintings by Neil Murison)

On Thursday the 15th of January 2018 I visited the Royal West of England Academy and visited an exhibition where Neil Murison was there showcasing his artwork. Neil's work is truly inspiring and uses a range of mixed mediums to create beautiful landscapes. Neil's work gives a unique perspective on the most ordinary landscapes. He effectively uses shadow and contrasting colours blended together to create a beautiful rounded image. I was lucky enough to talk to him about his work and he told me that his hometown, particularly a lake nearby inspires him, and he produced a collection on this particular lake. His work is beautiful and is inspired by his travels all over the world. 

I particularly loved his painting called 'Scented Evening' which was an abstract piece which blended colours and incorporated small details that contributed to the beautiful large finished product. I love how the colours in the painting give of temperature and reflect the mediums used. Another one of his paintings I loved was called 'Exotic Landscape' it was a beautiful piece that used warm colours to create texture and ambience. The wide brushstrokes used within the piece are beautiful and I love the depth that is created within the piece. 

Overall I loved Neil's work and I loved his abstract view on classic landscape and he had a keen eye for small yet effective detail. I would recommend this exhibition for anyone who loves and adventures as each of Neil's paintings represents an adventure from his travels and this exhibition takes you along to snow and sun, beach and storm and along the way you can experience the beautiful ambience that is Neil's artistic voice.


  • Luke Taylor

    On 19 February 2018, 10:51 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Brilliant stuff, Jasleen!

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