50/50 Paint and Photo Exhibition at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Described in the brochure. 

'An innovative group of four photographers and four painters working together and taking inspiration from each other, producing atmospheric and engaging images.’

50/50 Paint and Photo Exhibition at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

I chose to attend this exhibition because it was local and it was free. It was also a good opportunity to see some local artists work.

I saw photographs from 4 different photographers who all had very different styles. Rachel Chappell likes to take close up photos of flowers. Paul Sansome and Kev Sandell liked to take photos of landscapes and animals and Roy Brophy made photographic impressions of photos.

I felt that the exhibition was in a very good location and you could see all the pictures clearly because they weren’t all squashed together. I also liked how they presented their work. I also had my picture taken with Rachel Chappell which was nice. I thought Rachel Chappell was really nice and kind and the sort of person you would want to be around to talk to. I liked Rachel Chappell’s work on flowers. 

I felt that if the venue was bigger then they could have put more pictures on displayed as a lot of pictures were not able to be put on display on the walls.

This was the first time I have been to an exhibition. I was surprised at the kind of pictures that they took for e.g. some pictures were of flowers and some were of animals. The photographers had very different styles and they all focused on different parts of nature.

By going to the exhibition I was inspired by their pictures to take pictures of different things and think of everything I have learnt in my photography lessons that I am doing. I have realised that trying to take a good picture is not as easy as it looks because there is a lot of stuff to remember, then just snap snap snapping.

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Holly Emery

Holly Emery

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 13 December 2017, 09:59 Luke Taylor commented:

    Sounds like you had a lovely time, Holly!

  • andrew cunningham

    On 15 December 2017, 13:28 andrew cunningham commented:

    That sounds like a really interesting exhibition Holly. Great review too!

  • Carol Leach

    On 21 December 2017, 16:51 Carol Leach commented:

    lucky you getting to talk to the artist

  • storm Hargreaves

    On 3 January 2018, 15:49 storm Hargreaves commented:

    Really great review Holly. Sounds like you really enjoyed the exhibition.

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