The event exhibited many products made of plywood. The exhibition was held to convey a message that many designs and products would not be possible without the innovative and versatile material- Plywood.


The exhibition was quite interesting as it featured many products which would not normally be associated with plywood, for example cars. The event featured  pieces by Alvar Aalto, Marcel Breuer and Charles and Ray Eames, there were many products ranging from planes, skateboards and trenches. 

It was very educational. I learnt that plywood was very famous for its ability to be moulded into strong, curved forms. It was also considered a cheap material so there were some hesitations for using it in everyday products. 

The material was described as Strong, light and fast

In the 1920 loved to use and experiment with plywood to be shaped into strong, curved forms. it was not like any other material for example steel as it could be worked on with simple tools.

one of the most influential impact of plywood's is the construction of planes. due to it being strong and lightweight it aided in the development of planes. 

overall, the exhibition was very gripping as it told the story of plywood's and how they are incorporated in everyday life. It was perfectly set out, and the displays were eye catching. 


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 7 December 2017, 10:36 Luke Taylor commented:

    It's great to see a review about something so strong and stable!

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