Cookham Arts Festival

This review covers The Cookham Arts Festival which is a yearly event that runs throughout the summer at The Odney Club in a village called Cookham. It showcases sculptures produced by local artists. These sculptures are scattered around the Club's grounds and Gardens allowing guests to walk around and view the sculptures while enjoying the beautifully kept grounds that are only open to the public for this event. Here's what I thought about it

Cookham Arts Festival

When I visited the festival I was lucky enough for it to be a nice sunny day. The sun shone across The Odney Club lighting up all the sculptures and displays the artists had to offer. There were sculptures made bronze, plastic, metal, glass, stick, wood and the list could go on. Not one sculptures was the same as the next and not one was nearly the same size as the one next to or around it. There were hanging sculptures and even ones in the river! It was amazing to see all the different types of artwork bought together and showcased to the public.


I believe that it was a brilliant event that has something for everyone. A quiet walk round for the Grandmas and Grandads while the children go around the arts trail answering questions about the art and the Mums and Dads can relax in the tearoom with an afternoon tea. It is also a perfect time to see The Odney Club's flawless grounds as they are closed to the public the rest of the year and only members can use it. And because the grounds cover hundreds of acres of land, it has great walks throughout it. As it is quite a costly event there is an admission fee of £5 per person(but for all the things on offer, its worth it).

Now, I've been trying to find a downside to the event but i just can't think of one. It has something for everyone, it has beautiful grounds and has a delicious tearoom. What doesn't it have? Here are a few photos i took of the sculptures. Give it a visit next summer!








Harry Shrimpton

Harry Shrimpton

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 16 November 2017, 10:23 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    This looks fantastic Harry!

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