Artist Research - Casey Neistat

My research into the videographer Casey Neistat.

Artist Research - Casey Neistat

Name of favourite artist:

  • Casey Neistat.

Where will you research?

  • Wikipedia and a few forums.

What do they do - or create?

  • He makes short films and is a daily vlogger he is also currently working with CNN to revive his social media business called Beme.

Why did you choose to study them, what makes them so interesting to you?

  • The individual and unique style he has for the art of filmmaking

Did you find any information about them when they were young? Tell me anything interesting.

  • He was born in March 25th 1981. His parents got a divorce when he went into high school him and his mum got into a big argument one night and it escalated into her saying do as i say or get out so he left the house at age 15. He was on his own with nowhere to go. He stayed with some friends for a while but eventually moved into a house with 2 slightly older girls and eventually one of them became his girlfriend. Then his girlfriend got in a fight with her roommate and she told him she wanted to move out so they did, they got in her Honda and drove to Virginia and after 3 months there his girlfriend got pregnant. So they moved back to Connecticut. They lived in a friends basement for a while then they managed to get there own flat, then Casey got a job as a dishwasher he got payed $8 an hour. his son was born just after his 17th birthday.

Did you find any information about their career paths? Tell me anything interesting.

  • After his son was born he went with his girlfriend on a vacation,his older brother had the first imac that could edit video so he thought it would be fun to make a video on the vacation and he really enjoyed the process so as soon as he got home he started making mini movies whenever he could.

What is their most important work to you? Tell me why?

  • I love all his work but there are a few that top the rest, these are some examples : Bike Lanes - What would you do with 25,000? I like these the most because of the creativity and moral of them.

What work did they produce which has influenced your own artistic development - tell me what it is and how it influenced you.

  • I found the following video the most influential.

  • The main influence this has had on my work is the importance of communicating the journey.

List all your sources of information in a bibliography - include blog site references, and web site page references, and of course any book titles and magazine names.

Keep all this information, and any pictures, print-outs, and magazine pages which you think are important. Add them here in a photo montage :


It is also very important to keep any of your own art work inspired by this person. If you have created anything add a copy here:


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 7 November 2017, 10:47 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Casey Neistat! Great choice :)

  • Innis Major

    On 23 November 2017, 10:38 Innis Major commented:

    Thanks Luke :)

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