Treasure from trash exhibition

I participated in a competition and my work was displayed in an exhibition

Treasure from trash exhibition

At my local museum, they held an exhibition which was based on using recycled materials to make different things. They held a competition between local schools to use recycled materials to make a useable chair, in my school we were put into groups to participate in this competition. The group I was in had our work entered into the main competition and we won. So, our work was put on display in the exhibit. I went to the exhibit in the summer holidays during 2016 when our work was on display. Making the chair took a long time especially because we had to make it strong enough to hold a person's weight however it was worth it because of the amazing result. I have seen people making things out of recycled materials again however not a chair as we did in the competition.

It was great to see our work on display as we put a lot of time and effort into it, it was also interesting to see what you could make with varied materials and I would love to try some of the techniques. The exhibition was quite small so it would be nice to have more on display as it was very interesting. I would recommend looking into more events similar to this one in your local area. I learnt a lot of ways to recycle materials and in what countries they mainly do this in.

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Daisy Mallion

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 29 September 2017, 09:56 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Wow - I guess you can make art out of anything :D

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