Design Ventura

Last year I participated in the design ventura competition

Design Ventura

As a part of my GCSE course we participated in the Design Ventura. We split up into teams of four and had to design a product using the theme of change, we designed a plastic device to put a teabag in and easily get the teabag out of the boiling water without burning yourself. At school we pitched in front of teachers and the group I was in got voted for to be put forwards into the main competition. We got invited to the pitching event to decide the winners out of the top 10 designs. We then had to plan and practice our pitch and prepare prototypes to give to the judges.

The event was at the design museum, so we had the opportunity to look around the museum before pitching, we arrived in the morning after travelling to the museum from school. After completing our pitch we participated in an activity where we decorated a plain lamp with paper and tape.

It was nice to work as a team and spend time developing our product idea before the event. During the event, it was great to see all the other team's products. It was very nerve racking before the pitch, because of all the people and judges watching, however afterwards it was really nice to watch the rest of the team's pitch their products. I would definitely recommend taking part in the competition if you are given the opportunity as it is a fantastic way to help develop your speaking skills, and is a great chance to help share your designs. I have learnt more about working as a team and the steps of developing a product, my communication skills have improved a little.


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 25 September 2017, 10:30 Luke Taylor commented:

    This looks incredible!

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