Matt Richardson: Slash

Hilarious comedy show mixing slash fiction and personal anecdotes.

Matt Richardson: Slash

What do you do when you find out that you are the protagonist of slash fiction written online? You bring a show at Edinburgh Fringe! Richardson jokes and reads from the erotic stories that see Harry Styles and him being secretly lovers. Alternating anecdotes and reading from these stories, he had everybody crying their eyes out with laughter.

Lights softened: check. Necessary stool for serious reading: check. Poetry? Oh, well… kind of. Everything is perfectly set and, after a few minutes, just as he approaches the stool everybody laughs. The fan-fiction stories see him being the awkward and insecure character in the story, while Harry is the cool and strong dominant guy. Richardson is able to turn the whole dynamic to his advantage, amplifying hilarious bits with his dramatic reading.

But, the hysterical jokes don't stop here. In between the readings, he tells some great stories, including anecdotes of his grandparents (and Old Susan), ex-girlfriends and childhood friends.

Richardson kept an impressive variety of hilarious jokes consistently throughout the show. At his peak, when the audience explodes for a well delivered line, it's clearly evident he's having as much fun on stage as everyone else in the room. He can be entertaining both on and off script. Richardson improvises and chats with the audience with a smooth back and forth, using a mix of jokes on sex, relationships and couple pet names.

It was an explosive show that left people with bellies aching from laughter.

Matt Richardson: Slash is at 21:30 at the Gilled Balloon Teviot until the 29th of August.


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