Stuart Black: It's the End of the World as We Know It

Dark comedy show offering a mix of rave stories, satire on Californian meditation gurus and mid-life crisis.

Stuart Black: It's the End of the World as We Know It

The Tron, a dark venue for a dark comedy show, is the perfect pub to see Stuart's performance. Comparing with cutting satire, the mid-life crisis and its two indispensable friends, Prozac and Viagra, he looks back to his adventurous youth experiences.

Stating that books never tell the story of failures, he reclaims the right of telling his own story, including those fears, failures and misadventures. This is how we experience, through his narration, crazy parties in South-Africa, how we perceive the risk of diving into the ocean on a high, or being part of a Baywatch-like rescue from two gorgeous lifeguards.

He is also sharply funny when he jokes about self-help books and meditation techniques. He mocks Californian gurus on beaches, who preach to embrace risks and be daring. His dark humour is effective and suits his persona. The mockery doesn't come from feeling superior or being judgmental, but by putting a reality filter and perspective on them.

Stuart jokes with his characteristic wit about friends' weddings and the pressure of getting married around 30 years old. Mixing vulnerability and fears of commitment with sharp self-irony, he makes the audience laugh to his caustic lines.

In a funny and original take on the circle of life, he doesn't want to teach lessons, and actively encourages naively embracing the messiness of life. A very enjoyable late night comedy show, which is suitable not only for dark souls!

Stuart Black: It's the End of the World as We Know It will be performed at 23:40 at the Tron (Just the Tonic) until the 27th of August.


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