​The Thinking Drinkers: History of Alcohol

Felt a lot like an advertisement.

​The Thinking Drinkers: History of Alcohol

Self-proclaimed Thinking Drinkers Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham have found much success in Edinburgh over the years, in no small part, I suspect, as a result of the five free drinks they give out to every audience member.

Taking us through the history of alcohol, McFarland and Sandham attempt to combine comedy with history with drinking, and while in principle the three should go well together, the hosts aren't natural comedians, and their attempts at sketch comedy makes for awkward watching, and the puns are unbearable.

This isn't to say the show in itself is a failure. Considering the location and the audience, I was surprised by how attentive people were, actually making the effort to listen rather than just waiting impatiently for the next free drink. The show is informative, and it is incredibly evident that Sandham and McFarland know they stuff - as expected given their credentials as award-winning authors and journalists.

Over the course of an hour we got to sample lager, whiskey, vodka, rum and gin, and while some were significantly nicer than others, none were unpalatable - a big statement given my dislike of gin!

Free drinks are always great, and I'm always partial to an educational show, but the comedy aspects fell completely flat, and I didn't enjoy feeling like I was being sold to. If however you are looking for an interesting ride through the history of alcohol, you can do much worse than this show.

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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