​Andrew Maxwell: Showtime


​Andrew Maxwell: Showtime

Performing at the large George Square Theatre, Andrew Maxwell managed to capture and retain the attention and good will of the audience for the whole hour, which is only even more impressive when he's covering topics such as Brexit and terrorism.

In many ways, Maxwell is a traditional comedian. He uses his life experience to build up the narrative of his comedy, his learnings over the years to make observational humour, and appears to hold the opinion that nothing is off-limits. He did however, spare us a night full of Trump jokes - a real positive given that the show would essentially write itself.

Even the stage dressing is very traditional, armed with simply a microphone and a glass of water, the one prop he did use was perhaps the weakest moment in the show, and even that got a big laugh from the audience.

There was a point where Maxwell spoke about the terror attacks of this year, and it was interesting to see how the mood in room shifted. I thought he had lost the audience, as there was a palpable change in atmosphere, but he kept it respectful and instead said what many of us have probably been thinking for a while. Even when talking about more serious issues he managed to be funny, and that is a real testimony to his talent.

A must see.

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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