Lucy Porter: Choose Your Battles

Lucy knows how to make people laugh. Witty observations and the ability to read the room fuels her success.

Lucy Porter: Choose Your Battles

From the very start of her set, Lucy really grabs the crowd - and it looked to be a pretty much sell out crowd at that! Lucy transitions through subjects within her material very seamlessly. She keeps it all well on theme and presents a narrative with a good story arc throughout. You can follow what she's talking about; she has tidbits of side topics or banter, she even reacts and responds to the audience. A poor guy needed the toilet, and didn't quite make a gracious exit to the wrong side of the stage. Lucy turned it in to a brilliantly comical scene escorting him to the right place. Then get straight back on track, almost like nothing had happened. Sheer professionalism shining through.

It's a show with her mostly talking about the battles she's fought over the years; much on passive aggressive notes, and modernising this concept to the digital age. But it is peppered with audience interaction - and every time it seemed to get nailed. She led the journey and path of the show expertly; not relying on audience wittiness or current events. She has skillfully crafting an entertaining and engaging show.

She said that one of the venue's Front of House staff joked that they knew it was her audience coming due to the older age. This was certainly true of today's show - 90% was no doubt over 40. But I think this is an error on the part of younger audiences. I don't have kids, and some of the great material was about the 'battles' of having children, but it's all still relatable and brings many laughs.

The set was simple but effective. It reflected the stories she was telling in her uniquely humorous way. In fact, it was designed so brilliantly I only really connected the dots of the props and furniture with some of her stories as we were queuing to get out - no one was in a hurry. Even a large amount of walkers crisps for the sake of a particular gag was well woven in to the fabric of the overall story.

In 'principal' this show is suitable for all ages maybe above 16, and I highly recommend it. There wasn't anything stand out. But it was constantly funny, very relatable, and perfect as a tea time treat. I should leave you with some excellently delivered advice from Lucy "Despair at people you don't know on Twitter. Despise people you do know on Facebook."

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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