​​Good Girl

For everyone who thinks they feel 'too much'

​​Good Girl

GG thinks she feels 'too much', can't understand what the ball of love or hate or whatever it is building in the pit of her stomach is there for and how to release it without exploding. Naomi Sheldon's one-woman comedic theatre piece did just that – it provoked a raw uncontrollable ball of emotion inside of me, and as an audience member it felt fantastic.

Good Girl is a story of too much and not enough. Following one girl's journey through adolescence from tingling to tantrums and overwhelming to apathy, GG's internal conflict and desire to be 'normal' forces a dangerous indifference. Recounting how the suppression of emotion leads to recklessness and no sense of self, familiar with many young people, Sheldon constructs a melting pot of relatable pain mixed with acceptance and relief. The atmosphere and the audience are as crucial to the overall victory of the show as the intimacy that is created through the language and isolated eye contact from Sheldon who is a master of her craft.

My states of emotion really drove my experiences of this show as I found myself elated and sobbing and laughing and understanding and not, all at once. I found it exceptionally relatable, and I think to most if not all women can identify within the characters at some point. The successes of the show were not just exclusive to that however, far from it. Sheldon's portrayal of GG was exciting and complex, drawing every audience member in to experience the story – there was not one moment where I questioned the character. The acting was sensitive and natural which was key to its believability and emotive persuasion, ultimately forcing me to reconsider some of my own personal perspectives. As a theatrical performance, it was flawless.

The show is Pay What You Think, meaning you can pay for a ticket in advance to reserve a spot or put some cash in the bucket at the end. That being said, I think the way that it affected me and the rest of the audience is valuable beyond the price of any ticket and I feel incredibly fortunate to have shared an hour with such an incredibly talented individual.

For tickets and further information visit the Fringe website.


Sally Trivett

Sally Trivett Voice Team

Sally Trivett is a multidisciplinary artist and educator working out of South West London, UK. Her praxis is defined by its anti-apathy ethos and contextual embedding, with a particular focus on re-presentation. She is currently researching creative pedagogy and shows a strong commitment to accessibility.

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